A Simple Kingdom Principle

The older I get, the less time and tolerance I have for pure theory. When I was younger, I enjoyed discussing, even debating, theological and philosophical concepts and ideas purely for their value as intellectual stimulation. Not so much anymore.

At age 63, I no longer have time to ponder a lot of theoretical possibilities and abstract concepts that have little or no direct and practical application to my daily life as a disciple abstract-word-cloud-for-christian-theologyof Jesus Christ. That includes many of the assumptions upon which my once-well-defined systematic theology was based.

Oh, I still have opinions and positions on most theological concepts; I just don’t intend to devote a lot of my remaining time to defending my point of view to my critics or trying to change the minds of people whose perspective differs from mine. The potential for that endeavor to result in division and ill-will is simply too great. And hardly anything is more important to me these days than unity among the people of God and within the body of Christ.

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