In Over My Head: Another Facebook Status Update That Ended Up Being A Blog Post

About ten years ago, I had an epiphany of sorts. It dawned on me that, although I had made a few changes in my catalog of basic beliefs, most of my worldview, along with its attendant beliefs and convictions, I had inherited from my parents and the community inQuote (1) which I grew up. Was it really logical to assume that the belief system into which I was born was absolutely correct in every particular—that I had been blessed with the right ideas about everything (political, social, and religious) by accident of birth? Continue reading

My Chronology of Costly Change

Last Friday, I inadvertently happened upon the Facebook page for the Bible college I attended in the late 1960s. I noticed a picture there, from one of last year’s chapel services, and the speaker was a man I knew very well when we worked together in the same church more than forty years ago. I loved and respected him then, and I still do.

The caption for the photo included a link to the college website’s archive of chapel service audio recordings, so I clicked on it. For the next several hours I listened to excerpts, ranging in length from two to twenty minutes each, from a dozen or more preachers who had spoken in chapel over the past five years, some more than once.

Many of the speakers, like the one I mentioned above, were men I knew personally from my years as a student. One was a classmate who had “competed,” along with me, for the school’s first annual Award in Expository Preaching back in 1970. (I won’t tell you which of us won the award, but it wasn’t him.) One of the speakers had actually been my roommate during our senior year. Continue reading