Podcast No. 12

Vector Button PodcastPodcast No. 12 is now available. It is the second of two on the subject of the Christian mind. It is called “Learning To Think Like Jesus,” and it is around 10 1/2 minutes long. To download it as an mp3 file, click here. To listen to the podcast now, click on the button below. This podcast is also archived on the “Podcasts” page of this blog. Thanks for listening.

1 thought on “Podcast No. 12

  1. Dear Eric:

    Another brilliant Podcast! Thank you, so much, for sharing.

    Interestingly, your Podcast No. 12 and my Sunday Sermon for today dealt with a similar theme. Short summary: “Jesus says to His people, ‘Watch Me! See what I do. Then, do what I do.’”

    I praise God for your voice calling people to embrace the Kingdom of God with passion, commitment, and perseverance.

    In God’s abiding love,


    Dean K. Wilson

    4394 Magnolia Court

    Erie, PA 16510-6656

    Direct Phone: 814-397-5558

    E-mail: deanwilson@roadrunner.com

    Website: http://www.deankwilson.com

    Blog: http://suppressing-the-fire.blogspot.com

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