Hello, World!

At long last, I have managed to overcome the obstacles, both real and imagined, which had for years prevented me from writing my own blog. It seems that I lifted off into the blogosphere just as the popularity of that trend in modern communication reached its peak and its effectiveness began to decline.  No worries.  So have I.  Peaked, that is, and begun to decline.

I have finally yielded to the voices (both of them) who have tirelessly encouraged me to undertake this, uh, undertaking because they believe (and now, apparently, so do I) that I have something worthwhile to say.  There are 100 million other bloggers who likewise believe that they have something worthwhile to say.  I have read a lot of those blogs, and most of them are delusional in that regard.  So the odds aren’t that good for this one.

Still, writing a blog has been a dream of mine for several days.  I have reached the age where I have had to acknowledge that many of my dreams will never become reality.  I will never climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I will never play major league cricket.  I will never earn a Ph.D.  But today, when I push the “send” key, I will realize one of my dreams.  I will become a blogger.  (Another of my dreams has been indefinitely delayed.  A friend of mine gave me a real Cuban cigar…don’t ask, don’t tell…and I was going to smoke it the day the Buckeyes won the Big Ten Championship.  Then I was going to smoke it the day the Red Sox won this year’s World Series.  I’m still looking for something to celebrate.)

Well, this is not at all what I had imagined my first blog post would look like, especially when I worked so hard to come up with such a pretentious name for my blog.  Actually, the name is really appropriate, and I hope to begin to convince you of that in my next post.  Thanks for reading this, and I hope you’ll come back again and again.

5 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. This is wonderful! I hope you post the daily prayers that you’ve been putting up on Facebook here as well. Reading them is a blessing and I’m thankful to God for your constancy.

  2. I am excited at this new opportunity for you, Fr. Eric, to connect with a larger group of people who can greatly benefit from whatever God lays on your heart to share.

    In the days ahead, I will be praying that God will use this blog in a very powerful way.

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